SILNEF M.G. the guarantor for a cleaner environment

Company Silnef MG constantly has in mind two goals:

  • to limit, eliminate the negative impact on the surrounding environment which could result from the waste collection - valorisation activity;
  • to protect natural resources through appropriate waste management, by increasing the proportion of the recovered and valorised recyclable waste from the total waste managed.

To accomplish these goals the company is looking to:

  • diversify the categories of collected waste and to increase the quantity of valorised waste, by extending the work areas and sites,
  • reduce the quantity of waste that cannot be valorised by appropriate management of all categories of waste generated/collected from third parties,
  • maintain the noise level under the admitted level, on the working sites located in the vicinity of resident areas,
  • reduce toxic and particle emissions in the atmosphere, associated with personal activities, by promoting ecological technologies and purchasing ecologic products and/or non-polluting facilities,
  • maintain the level of pollutants in the water discharged in the town mains or outlet within the limits imposed by NTPA 001 and NTPA 002,
  • eliminate the potential ground pollutant sources, by appropriate set-up of the collection-valorisation platforms and car parks,
  • monitor the quality indicators for air, water, ground and noise.

Company Silnef MG performs its entire activity based on the environmental permits issued by the competent environmental authority in the territorial range where it has working sites. The waste collection, collection-valorisation activity is thus governed in the 19 working sites that the company has around the country.

Silnef Environmental Permits

Alongside the recyclable waste, the company also collects industrial waste that cannot be valorised, including dangerous and medical waste. The disposal of such waste is done through incineration or storage, based on the agreements concluded with the authorised economic agents.

By collecting and treating the end-of-life vehicles, company Silnef MG joins the state authorities' concerns regarding the renewal of the vehicle park and the reduction of polluting emissions. The working sites where the end-of-life vehicles are collected are: Baia Mare, Iernut-Mures, Brasov, Codlea- Brasov and Ramnicu Valcea, the treatment of the vehicles being performed at the working sites in Codlea- Brasov and Ramnicu Valcea based on the environmental permits, the Brasov Police Inspectorate's notice and the technical authorisation issued by the Autonomous Public Service Undertaking "Romanian Auto Register".

An important segment in the company's activity is represented by the waste transport on the territory of Romania as well as in the EU states, observing Government Decision HG 1061/2008. The transport licence held by the company, the Safety Advisor Certificate and the ADR certificates for the vehicles' drivers and the state of the art vehicle park are the guarantee that this activity is performed in complete safety, without negative effects on the environment.

At the same time the company supports the waste generators with advisory services, recommendations and solutions in view of a most efficient waste management, observing the environment related legislation.


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